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Money Smart Main Topics


Topics that can help you and your family become Money Smart.

We have collected information and links for groups that can help with a wide range of topics. So whether you need to learn how to improve your credit, save for retirement or budget for your next big purchase, we are here to help you find the help you need.


Banking 101

When managing your money, the right tools can make all the difference. Learn the basics of banking and be on your way to reach your financial goals.


Budgeting/Smart Spending

Setting up a budget in advance will bring you financial freedom. Also finding discounts is the smart way to spend your money.



Find links to local/national resources for those with disabilities. Learn about employment, transportation and more.



Resources for all steps of finding employment. Need a job, want training, or help with interview prep? Find links here.


Family Needs

Find quick resources for your families the top needs. Wide range of resources providing everything from food and housing to legal and tax services.


Financial Education

Find out the resources available to obtain knowledge and an understanding of financial matters. Teaching tools, resources, activities, and more!


Financial Services

There are many financial institutions that can help you manage your money conveniently, while keeping your money safe.


Fun and Free in KC

Discover 500+ attractions including museums, zoos, music events, sports and many other things to do for Family Fun in Kansas City right at your fingertips!


Government / Benefits

This topic provides local, county, state and national assistance/benefits that can help individuals and families get resources they need.



No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care. Proper healthcare and health insurance protect you from health and financial risks.



Housing costs are a large part of your budget, so it’s important to research options when choosing to rent or purchase housing.


Immigrant Services

Find resources for Immigrant and Refugee Services and that will make you and your families moving to new country easier. There are people who want to help!



Insurance helps people to recover from the loss of their home, auto, health or life. Get Resource for understanding and getting insurance.



It often isn’t enough to just save diligently, you need those savings to grow. Investing is trying to use money to make money so that your wealth increases over time.


Library Services

There are six public library systems serving Metropolitan Kansas City-find them here and take advantage of all the many resources libraries can offer.



A loans can be helpful for covering expenses, making a large purchase, starting a business, or for the cost of college. Find out what loan is right for you.


Mentoring Programs

Finding a mentor in a life is a wonderful way to have additional people in your life to help you navigate some of life’s challenges and celebrate life’s successes!



Parents and caregivers serve an important role in educating and providing for our children. Find emergency and health services, tips, activities and more here.



Find help reentering your life after jail/prison. Find leadership and work in order to reduce recidivism and to support Missouri Probation & Parole.



Saving can help you achieve any financial goal. Saving gives YOU control of your money, prevents debt and helps you reach your financial goals.

More Money Smart Topics

We  have created other Topics Categories to help the Teens and Youth of KC become Money Smart. Be sure to check them out also!

Money Smart Teen Topic

Money Smart Youth Topic

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