Topics that can help you and your family become Money Smart.

We have collected information and links for groups that can help with a wide range of topics. So whether you need to learn how to improve your credit, save for retirement or budget for your next big purchase, we are here to help you find the help you need.


The Importance of Credit Think of credit as a tool to be used wisely. Good credit saves money; bad credit costs money. It can be diffi [...]


Resources for Individuals with Disabilities There are many local and national resources for those with disabilities. For additional i [...]

Financial Services

Financial Services Finding a Financial Institution One of the best ways to find a financial institution is to look in the vicinity of [...]


Housing Housing costs take up a large share of the household budget and represent the largest single expenditure for many individuals [...]


Insurance Insurance helps people to recover from the loss of their home, auto, health or life.  It can protect you from unplanned eme [...]


Investing In order to reach all your financial goals, it often isn’t enough to just save diligently - you need those savings to grow. [...]


Loans Access to loans can be helpful for covering expenses, making a large purchase, starting a business, or for the cost of continuing [...]

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs According to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City, children growing up in one-parent homes experience si [...]


Reentry Second Chance Program The Second Chance Program which is unique in this area, offers leadership and work that organizes the e [...]


Saving Saving can help you achieve any financial goal. Whether it’s a down payment on a house or car, new furniture, college tuition [...]