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Find A Job

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Factors To Consider before Taking A Job

There are a lot of things to think about when applying for a job. Many individuals applying for a job will take the job with the highest hourly wage but that is just one of many things to consider.

  1. Pay for College/Career Training (many companies offer this incentive)
  2. Childcare (onsite or reimbursement)
  3. Health benefits (you may not need them now but think down the line)
  4. Commute (Commuting costs an average of $2,600 per year)
  5. Flexibility (Work-life balance) 6. Company perks (free lunches, discounts on products, etc.)
  6. Corporate culture (Your ability to mesh with your coworkers)
  7. Health of the company (some companies are on shaky ground)
  8. Opportunities for advancement (with hard work, can you advance?)
  9. Retirement benefits (it’s never too early to start) 11. Training (adding to your skill set is key to staying relevant and competitive in a job market)
  10. Time off (paid sick leave, vacation time and holidays)

Understanding Your Paycheck

Your paycheck can be very overwhelming to understand. If you make $9.00 per hour and work 10 hours per week, then you should make $90.00, right? Well…. that is what you make before taxes and deductions. Luckily, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has put a group of educational documents together that can easily explain your paycheck and how to make the most of it.

The PDF fact sheets below are designed for employees to learn more about their paychecks and how to get the most from them.

This is just the beginning!

Once you start earning money you will need to learn how to save and protect your money! Visit our Teen Topic, Save and Protect Your Money to learn more!

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