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Save & Protect Your Money

There are multiple ways that people save. However the three types that most people use are an emergency savings account, regular savings account and retirement savings.

Emergency Savings Account

What would you do if you needed $500? Maybe this is the cost to fix your vehicle, paying the deductible for an accident or paying for something you accidentally broke.

Regular Savings Account

This is a savings for wants and scheduled needs. This would cover playing sports, buying a prom dress, buying pizza and other things.

Retirement Savings Account

This is your savings for when you retire. You probably aren’t worrying about it now but please read this article and chart – Teens can become millionaires

The newly enhanced Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) is an easy-to-use tool to learn more about basic personal financial management. The CBI features a game-based learning design and separate learning tracks for teens. The teen learning track features the eight modules in the Money Smart for Young Adults curriculum.

FDIC Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (CBI)

Understand Your Savings Options

If you are 17 or younger, most local banks or credit unions require a trusted adult to open the account with you. Once you turn 18, you can manage the account on your own. Always find out the benefits and fees of any savings account before you open the account.

Videos For Understanding Banking

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