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Parents and caregivers serve an important role in educating and providing for our children. Find emergency and health services, tips, activities and more here.

Parenting Support

The Family Conservancy

Family Conservancy was founded in 1880 and its mission is helping families and children achieve a lifetime of success. The Family Conservancy has a great resource page for parents and caregivers on behavior, child care, education, general parenting, health, infants, preschoolers, safety, school-aged resources, social and emotional development resources or special education and care resources. Sign up for monthly parenting tips and resources from the Family Conservancy


Caps4Kids – The Children’s Advocacy Project of Kansas City (Caps4Kids) website lists hundreds of resources that support anyone providing support for children.  Information about child care, early intervention and development, after school care, mentoring, foster care, adoption, pregnancy resources, infant care, teen resources, and more can be found on their website. Also listed on Caps4Kids are hundreds of local organizations and social service agencies that can help families in many ways–use the search function to find the service you need.  Please view the large grouping of resources and the helpful links to learn more about Kansas City resources. There are also some great parent handouts on a variety of subjects.

My Resource Connection

My Resource Connection connects individuals needing assistance with local resources that can help meet their needs: groceries, clothing, health care, counseling, childcare, parenting help, etc.  Specific searches can be completed by zip code and county.

Government Assistance

Benefits.Gov will allow you to apply for Government Assistance (TANF cash assistance, SNAP food assistance, Child Care Subsidy, Low Income Energy Assistance Program, etc.) The website reviews Federal and State benefits and sorts benefits by category and agency. To understand what state and federal benefits you may be eligible for, please start at the BENEFIT FINDER.

Both the State of Missouri and Kansas have 12 benefits programs that might assist your family. Contact representatives here.

Early Childhood & Education

Statistics show that early childhood care positively impacts the lives of participating children.

Helpful Links

For Local Support/Classes:

  • Caps4Kids has a listing of many parenting classes here.
  • Locate Love & Logic Classes: KS and MO
  • Parents As Teachers – Locate your local Parents as Teachers contact information here.

For National Support/Classes:

For Tips On Parenting:

Family Conservancy has tips for all ages:

Dr. Sears  – general advice on parenting and health care:

For Prenatal & Baby Care:

  • Mother & Child Coalition – access programs and classes available throughout the metro to promote maternal and child healthcare
  • Black Healthcare Coalition – find programs to help address health equity for African-Americans
  • Uzazi Village – learn about pre and perinatal care and courses for urban mothers
  • Happy Bottoms – provides diapers to low-income families in Kansas City
  • Contact your local hospital or healthcare provider to find classes on birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, CPR, first aid and more.

For Fathering:

  • The National Center for Fathering strives to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to be actively engaged in the life of every child.
  • Fatherly  is a leading digital resource for new parents, combining practical advice and evidence-based insights from top experts around the world.
  • Strong Dads Program – from KS Department for Children and Families 

For Single Parents:

For Saving Money:

For Reading:

Early reading resources

Area organizations working in classrooms to improve reading in the classroom for K-3rd grade students

For Family Fun:

Helpful Links For Child Abuse Prevention:


Check out our Youth Topics

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United Way 2-1-1

United Way’s 2-1-1 hotline is a great resource for everyday needs of parents and children that aren’t quite 9-1-1 emergencies.  Simply dial 2-1-1, or visit United Way 2-1-1 Online to search for resources on your own or call (816) 474-5112 or toll free 866-320-5764

United Way 211
Link for Care Food and Nutrition
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