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Money Games & Activities

There are hundreds of online money-based educational games that are available for students. We tried to pick some out for you that are fun and free. Before playing any online game, we suggest that you review the Being Online Youth Topic to review safety guidelines to follow while online. We also suggest that you show your teacher or parent the online game that you are playing and make sure they approve of the game.

Find Hundreds of online Money-based educational games and activities that are available to students.

We tried to pick out some for you that are fun and free.

Click through the topics and find many games and activities to choose from.

Biz Kid$

  • Break the Bank
  • Bring Home the Bacon
  • Dollar a Glass


  • Save Perry’s Pennies
  • Money Memory

National Credit Union

  • World of Cents

Rich Kid Smart Kid

  • Jesse’s Ice Cream Stand
  • Ima’s Pay Yourself 1st
  • Reno’s Debt Dilemma
  • Jesse’s Big Change

  • Cash Puzzler
  • Countdown to Retirement
  • Ed’s Bank
  • Financial Football
  • Financial Soccer
  • Money Metropolis
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter
  • Road Trip to Savings
  • And much more

  • Fun Shopping Game for Kids
  • Lemonade Stand Game
  • Bus money Game
  • Money Counting Game
  • Farm Game for Kids
  • Coffee Shop Game
  • Coin Weighing Game

Money Games K-5

  • Dollar a Glass Lemonade Stand
  • Peter’s Pig Money Calculators
  • Farm Blitz
  • World of Cents Game

Other Great Money Games Resources:

JumpStart Ultimate Clearinghouse of Games

The Jump$tart Clearinghouse is the premier financial literacy online resource for educators, parents, students and others to find effective, financial education resources from various sources. It also helps Jump$tart partners and other providers reach a wider audience with their educational products and programs.

Additional Resources

Although Jumpstart has the ultimate search engine of resources, other organizations have put large groupings of popular resources together for review. These resources include: