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Plan & Save For College

It is never too early to start planning and preparing for college.

You need to talk to your parent or guardian about college and starting a savings plan for your future. University of Kansas (AEDI Program) research studies show that by saving just $500 for college you are six times more likely to complete your college degree.

You may want to consider a 529 College Savings Program:

Missouri – MOST Plan

Kansas – Learning Quest Plan

What is Ugift?  Ugift® Is a program that lets family, friends, church members, neighbors, etc. contribute to your 529 account. Contributions are through an easy-to-use online system or print coupons. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage others to help you achieve your dream of a college education.

  • Better Money Habits – Learn all you can need about college, how to pay for it, what different loans are, and more in a fun, creative way.
  • Hands on Banking – Learn about reaching your goals of going to college and how to get there while enjoying the experience.

Understanding the Value

Knowing what a career/job pays is a great way to determine the value of a college degree. will show you the starting, median and ending salaries that you can expect for any job.

College Prep Videos

This is just the beginning!

This is just the start, Find more information and links by visiting our Main Topic about College & Career Prep .