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Get Online

Tech Access Hotline: 816-701-3606 

The vision of Digital Inclusion KC is for every citizen and household in the Kansas City metropolitan area has access to the Internet, the equipment needed to use it and the skills needed to take advantage.  The mission of Digital Inclusion KC is to facilitate collaboration among organizations and initiatives working to bridge the digital divide in order maximize the resources for the greatest impact.

Community Members

Are you looking for places to get connected, people that can help, computer workshops or finding a low-cost computer?

Find Services like free wifi, free computer labs, internet services, etc

Get the complete list of:

Additional Information Concerning Getting Connected To The Internet in KC

Get Guided Training

Guided training in person or online:

Find over 100 places to go visit around KC that has free WiFi available for anyone to use.

Find the full list of locations here.

Find over 50 places to visit around KC that has Free computers for anyone to have access to.

Find the full list of locations Here.

Find Libraries around the KC area with access here.

Find shops around KC that have options for low cost or refurbished computers for anyone to buy.

Find the full list here.

Need help learning how to find what you need, or how to use the computer better and smarter?

Find many different locations around KC that have Free available training and mentoring how to use the computer to gain skills in internet searching, Microsoft products, and much more.

Find the full list of locations here.

Find Libraries around the KC area with classes here.

I’m Being Cyberbullied


I Have a Bully

Find out all about bullying, cyber-bullying, and prevention’s at

Depression Suicide Texting Services

Feeling depressed, suicidal, or just need someone to talk to, but you feel uncomfortable talking on the phone and would rather text? Just send a text to 741741 any day and time 24/7/365 someone will be there to text you back. Free service for anyone.

Helpful Links to Video Tutorials

These short videos can be found on the Digital Inclusion KC website and cover some important elements of getting online and using the Internet.