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Financial Education for You

Completing a financial education curriculum can help you obtain knowledge and an understanding of financial matters.  Financial education is the building block of financial capability and can eventually lead to economic mobility.  Financial education classes and events can be found on the Money Smart KC calendar.

Financial Education Curricula and Tools

When picking a curriculum to use, we suggest that you utilize resources that are from trusted sources and are consistently updated.

Sources for financial education curricula are:

For detailed youth K-12 curriculum, visit our Education-Pre K-12 section.

Although completing a financial curriculum is very important, additional guidance is available through a financial coach. Learn more through the Financial Coaching topic.

Helpful Links
For Financial Education Curricula

Helpful Links
For Financial Education Activities & Games

  • The Stock Market Game– An online simulation of the global capital markets that engages student’s grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance and that has prepared 15 million students for financially independent futures.
  • EconEdLink – Use technology to help teach economics and financial literacy through simulations, games, videos and other inter-actives.
  • Buying a Home (English and Spanish) – use these calculators to learn what to consider when entering the housing market
  • College Activity (English and Spanish) – learn how you can save for college to help minimize student loan debt
  • Family Finances Activity (English and Spanish) – test yours budgeting skills through decision-making within a family setting
  • H&R Block Budget Challenge – Learn and practice real-world money management skills such as paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, investing in retirement and more in real time.
  • Life Values Quiz – Most of us don’t realize what’s behind the thousands of financial decisions we make every year. And, if we are in a relationship, we are even less certain about why our partners make the decisions they do. If you want to demystify your money behaviors, start here with the Life Values quiz. – See more at:
  • The Mint – Try activities, challenges and calculators that deal with spending, saving, borrowing, earning and more.
  • Be Your Own Boss Challenge – take a quiz to find out if you might be a good fit for running your own business
  • Credit Card IQ Quiz – find out how much you know about credit
  • Spending Challenge – learn about how your choices can affect your money management
  • What Kind of Spender Are You? Quiz – answer questions to find out your spending habits
  • When Will You Be a Millionaire Calculator – find out how long it can take to be a millionaire based on your savings choices
  • Practical Money Skills for Life Games – – Access online financial education interactive in a game-based environment.
  • Countdown to Retirement – learn about retirement through a lifestyle choice game
  • Financial Football – test your money management skills through a football simulated game
  • Financial Soccer – test your money management skills through a soccer simulated game
  • Money Metropolis – learn about savings goals and ways to save
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter – practice sorting and counting money
  • Jump$tart’s Reality Check – Fill in the choices in this quick and easy online calculator to see if you can afford your dream life. You might be surprised at how much that life will cost.

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