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Students will be competing in several life-skill areas during the Career Development Conference (CDC) competition. And, competitions need judges. The winners will move on to the state competition. A regional level competition for the KCK School District is new this year.

I first participated as a judge at the CDC in Arkansas City, KS in 2017. Student competitions included job interviews, business plans, team tower building, and a few more. I was a judge for the business plans. One student group wanted to provide more constructive activities for the youth in their area (Topeka). Their plan was to renovate an old shopping center. Another student group created homemade snacks on the go and gave each of us a sample. While their business plans still needed work, they had definitely put a lot of thought and effort into their wonderful ideas.

The 2020 Career Development Conference competition includes a variety of public speaking competitions, presentations related to career readiness, service learning projects, and leadership. The criteria for judging each event will be provided for you.

For more information about JAG-K, go to If you are checking out the site, we are in Region 8. Prior year CDC information is at Students who are invited to participate in the JAG-K program are those most at-risk of dropping out of high school. In my experience, the average student in these schools meet 8-10 items on the list of selection criteria – the minimum to get invited is 5. So, you know the approx 30 students who are involved in this program at their school are up against tremendous struggles, but they are trying hard to break their family’s cycle of poverty. The JAG program encourages completing high school, career development, and community service.

Moneytalk will be coordinating the judges for the regional KCK School District CDC’s competition this year. I am estimating we will need 30 volunteer judges for this event. We may be able to have morning shift, afternoon shift, and all-day options – there is much planning still going on at this time.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Date: March 31, 2020
Registration requested by March 13th.

Sign up online at:

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