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On the second Monday of the month, we will have a Money Monday workshop. Each workshop will run from 6pm – 8pm.

Register or Sponsor –

Cost – $25 per workshop if pre-registered / $40 to register at the door. A light dinner will be provided. We are capping registration at 50 people. Volunteers will be needed for these workshops.

Child care will only be provided upon request. Cost is $5 per child per night.

Tentative Financial Life-Skill Topic Schedule:
* Feb 10 – Budgeting
* Mar 9 – Understanding Your Credit Report
* Apr 13 – Young Adult / Teen Basic Taxes – Payroll, Income, Sales, & Property Taxes
* May 11 – Selling or Buying a new home
* Jun 8 – Tips & Tricks for Teaching Your Teen / Young Adult Children Budgeting
* Jul 13 – Protecting Your Identity
* Aug 10 – Purchasing and Owning a Vehicle
* Sep 14 – Budgeting
* Oct 12 – Understanding Your Credit Report
* Nov 9 – Meaningful Gift Giving for Little to No Cost
* Dec 14 – Reflect on 2020, Set Goals and Create Your Vision for 2021

NOTE: Topics may change as we may have an opportunity to have a guest speaker.

Sponsor an attendee by donating the cost of the workshop.

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