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We often think the toughest part of working is the job search campaign that provided the employment opportunity, yet so many new employees struggle after being hired due to a lack of technology/computer literacy skills. One of the major reasons why we don’t stay employed is the inability to efficiently, effectively, and productively perform routine time management, organization, and team collaboration tasks; outside of the industry specific tasks required by a job. These are all skill sets that can be greatly enhanced through increased technology and computer knowledge and abilities.

This webinar focuses its attention on the following three things:

  • Providing an introductory overview of seven (7) basic categories of desktop software programs
  • Matching workplace tasks with Microsoft Office Suite application titles
  • Providing several workplace benefits of using each of the applications

After the webinar, each attendee will be able to identify each of the Microsoft Office Suite applications, have a clearer understanding of what each of the applications are initially designed to accomplish, and begin to start identifying which application is best suited to accommodate certain situations. The development of these skill sets will work towards achieving success in the workplace.

I look forward to seeing at the workshop.


Troy A. Burgher, MCP

Workshop Facilitator